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PIOUS is a single player action adventure game that challenges you with fast paced bossfights set in a beautiful lowpoly world.
It is set in a postapocalyptic desertworld, filled with false gods.

You, as a member of the minious, create a chance of escaping that monotony by standing up.

XBox360 and Keyboard are supported 

We recommend the usage of a controller.

We are a group of five overworked students that wanted to challenge our skills in our last project before graduating while simultaneously fighting with bad organisiation on every front.

Alexis Chopin - Script

Georg Schönfeld - Gamedesign

Joana Zimmermann - Modeling

Maria Reinhardt - Animation

Wolfgang Lambotte - Leveldesign

Lea Sophie Schönfeld - Musik (not a student)

Install instructions

To run the game simply unzip the file and run the application inside the Game folder.


PIOUS Game.zip 122 MB


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The boss battles are definitely a significant spike in difficulty so a little tweaking would be good. The concept works I think and stands out, good work with that. :)


So, I'm a little disappointed I didn't get to see more of this, but I got too frustrated with the first boss. Using the bombers was too temperamental and the introduction was far too long. Did run into one bug where I was killed during the cutscene too. Loved the art style and movement though!